Currency Devaluations

Several Currencies are tumbling in the Global Market. Though fluctuation of the Currencies has always been there, Economists, Traders and Observers are reminded of the past turmoils, like the one of 1997. Various reasons are being cited as the reason for the recent depreciations and incidentally quite a few are pointing towards US Sanctions...

Nail Art

Nail Art is Trending & Nail Art Salons have sprung up everywhere. We pulled up few highlights based on Customers Feedback, Primary & Secondary Research. Drop us a mail at research@maxcorpconsulting.com or pm@maxcorpconsultng.ca for Customised Research or Insights


Canada will be the First Country to legalise Cannabis. Research has predicted Cannabis Sales in Canada to exceed hard liquor sales in a couple of years. Here is a quick look at some facts captured on Marijuana Market by MaxCorp Team    

Digital Payments Volume in Feb 2018

Digital payments volume cross 1 Billion in Feb 2018 but decreased by 2% Month over Month. In Feb 2018, digital payment volume was 1.0 billion and value was $1777 billion but it was decreased by 2% in terms volume and 0.1% in value as compared to Jan 2018. However, digital mode of payments is...


HoT IoT – The Internet of Things My day starts off with the alarm buzzing at 6 a.m. and my coffee machine brews my coffee, on being notified by my clock. I sit in my car and check my schedule for the day and Ms Siri tells me the best route to my office...