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Online & Phone Surveys

A Responsive, well Organised, high Quality Panel of Consumers, IT Professionals, Doctors, Travelers, Specialists & Decision Makers across more than 20 countries available for all kind of B2B and B2C Research Studies

Research Technology

Expert Team of Interviewers & Call Center Technologies enables us to conduct thousands of Telephone Surveys across various geographies with C Level Executives, Decision Makers, Financial Heads, Business Travelers, Educators and many more

Full Service Research


Team MaxCorp can help you with the full life cycle of Market Research starting from designing the research framework & questionnaire, data collection to analysis & report writing

Research Reports

Equipped with Quality Research and Analytical expertise, the team at MaxCorp Research & Consulting creates the Best Industry Reports on Trends, Strategy & Market Insights for Business Decision Making

Project Management

MaxCorp strives to provide its clients Proactive & Cost Effective Solutions for Outsourced services and solutions for Translation, Transcription, Content & Data Collection

Business Feasibility

MaxCorp can provide you with custom solutions like Virtual Web Interviews, Online Communities, Track Studies, Pre Launch & Post Launch Surveys, Mystery Shopping, Competition Surveys, Mystery Audits for Due Dilligence


MaxCorp Consulting conducts  all  Market Research with the help of its In House Team  of Interviewers  & Analysts.  MaxCorp Consulting conducts Telephonic Interviews, Online Interviews, Face to Face Research, In depth Interviews& Focus Group discussions to gather information from the market.  MaxCorp respects Data Privacy & adheres to Data Protection Laws 

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 Expert Team  of Interviewers with world class Contact Center Technology  enables us to  achieve  thousands of  Telephone Surveys across  various geographies.  Language Experts assist in Translation and Transcription of the successfully completed Interviews with C Level Executives, Decision Makers, Financial Heads, Business Travellers, Educators and many more…. 

With several years of surveys, MaxCorp has created a well organised panel of  Consumers, IT Professionals, Doctors, Travellers , Specialists  & Decision Makers across more than 15 countries globally available for all kind of B2B and B2C Studies.

Our Team expertise in conducting Qualitative, Quantitative Research (CATI & Online) worldwide for both B2B and B2C research and in creating Original & Exclusive Insights & Intelligent Content. 

MaxCorp Consulting conducts several Track Studies with various clients each year Offline in field & though Online Surveys.