MaxCorp Consulting is a full service Market Research & Consulting Company facilitating research needs across geographies & in various Industries and across the world by offering high quality Data Collection, Market Research, Analysis and Content Services. Our team expertise in providing Qualitative, Quantitative, Online Research worldwide in both B2B and B2C research.

Our Services include Surveys, Data Collection, Survey Programming and Hosting, Data Processing & Analytics, Translation & Transcription etc


MaxCorp Consulting, with its Knowledge Bank of Analysts & Top Level Executives is organized to provide best Consultation and Industry Reports on Strategy & Decision Making for Business Expansion & Business Renovations.

Once data is collected, the data is cleaned and validated and reports are generated using statistical tools and softwares for use of consultations. The team deciphers information to understands the Need of the business and designs Strategy based on the clear understanding of the Analysis .



MaxCorp Consulting with its team of experts in Primary and Secondary Research provide clients with that piece of Exclusive, Intelligent & Original Content that they have been looking for to Market the Company's Products & boost their- Website, Blog, Whitepaper, Social Media Bits or share in their Newsletters.

The effect is such that with this kind of Exclusive and Interactive Content, it drives more Interest for their Businesses and Showcases the Knowledge and their Leading-edge Services


MaxCorp Consulting conducts  all  Market Research with the help of its In House Team  of Interviewers  & Analysts.  MaxCorp Consulting conducts Telephonic Interviews, Online Interviews, Face to Face Research, In depth Interviews& Focus Group discussions to gather information from the market.  MaxCorp respects Data Privacy & adheres to Data Protection Laws 


Track Studies

How do you know how well your Product, Strategy & Content is performing? MaxCorp Consulting conducts several Track Studies with various clients each year Offline in field & though Online Surveys.  

Consumer Research

Various Consumer studies have been conducted Online, CATI(Computer Aided Telephonic Interviewing) & using Face to Face Interviewing


Business Research

MaxCorp CATI Team excels in Business Data Collection. Recently, we have successfully conducted several Online Surveys in B2B studies.


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MaxCorp Consulting strives to provide Quality Reports, Deliverables and Customised Services to our Clients and Benefits and Rewards to our Respondents, the Internal Team & Partners.